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Podcast tiếng anh đầu tiên – Meichan podcast tập 6 | Những thông tin free có ích.

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Podcast tiếng anh đầu tiên - Meichan podcast tập 6
Podcast tiếng anh đầu tiên – Meichan podcast tập 6

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Podcast tiếng anh đầu tiên – Meichan podcast tập 6.

podcast tiếng anh.

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  1. Your first insecurity is also mine. Being surrounded by many excellent people makes me feel like my English and also myself is not that good. But when I started my first job at my very first company, I realized that English is just a tool to communicate to other people. The most important thing is the ability to understand what others say and make them understand my opinion. I saw many people make joke about the Indian- English accent but you know a lot of Indians still become successful and many university lecturers are Indian. But people do not stop going to classes taught by Indian teachers because of their incredible knowledge. So, the only one thing we should focus is to enrich our knowledge and make ourselves better everyday. Once you can create enough value to others, you even can speak Vietnamese and there will be a lot of foreigners still spending their time hearing you❤

  2. My biggest insecurity maybe is "will I achieve my dream??" And 'tryin to do everything that can help me pursue and get closer to it but u know I'm still it's not enough but when I'm 'tryin more and more, I feel it becoming harder and harder. And I feel overwhelmed. U know it's a dream but when people around me hear that, they always complaining and saying "Ezz girl, this is
    beyond your strength" Or "You think u can achieve it?? Haha! No, and never" U know what it is? Becoming an astrophysicist. Ik even for me sometimes thinking that it's impossible and 'cause the field of space hasn't developed in Vietnam so if I wanna have a better life I need to study abroad but I was scared. Cuz I'm the type of person that gives up easily n afraid of so-called difficult. But the fearest scared still English. I have to admit that my English isn't too bad but it isn't enough for living in another country. Anyway, it's not my major issue. If I wanna study abroad I need to find a scholarship cuz of my family's condition but u know it's super hard and not everyone can. At least u need to have an IELTS and SAT certificate. Then it has small goals again. Yah! It's just a dream but in this dream, they're a lot of small goals so that is why I feel overwhelmed rn and I feel insecure about that what if I'm just trying and trying but I still can't achieve my goal. Last but not least, ur English videos are super helpful for me. And u'r also my inspiration and role model too. I'll try my best to become like u. Tks u for everything sis!

  3. Omg I love your voice <3 it's very calming and pleasant to listen to. At the same age, I can also easily relate to those experiences. I won't say you are doing awesome cuz I know that you won't "fully" receive that comment neither and I respect that, also if doing so mean I'm making judgments. Still, it'd be very lovely if you could continue doing content like this, especially in English, not (just) becuz English is my fav language, but also cuz some of us "got things" better in that language. Overall, everything about this vid is just great (for the mental health at least ) and I just wanna say that having insecurities is fine. We are human and we have flaws haha and also insecurities keep us humble, which is good in some ways lol. Keep good energy and stay healthy, my pal <3

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